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Company History, Music Goals, Song Criteria, My Background
Company History:
In March 2001, I completed the start of Springer Music, in Memphis, TN, to publish and distribute mainly religious songbooks, and recordings of the songs. (see products page ) I also write music for other styles and have recorded a few demo CDs. After discovering other "Paul Springer" people in the music business, I will begin in 2003 to put "Paul A. Springer" on more of my songs to eliminate some potential confusion.

Music Goals:
Since March of 1999, I have decided to concentrate on music specifically for congregational singing, as too much of today's music is from the entertainment industry and is for performance careers and not for the body of Christ to come together in worship and sing with their voices with grace and thankgiving in their hearts, and with the spirit and understanding, TO God. I write the music specifically for normal folks to sing and in the historical a cappella style as found in the New Testament. As Eph. 5:17-21, Col. 3:15-17, Mat. 26:30, 1Cor.14:14-17, James 5:13 and similar passages tell us, that we are to use only 2 instruments in christian worship: our Voices and our Hearts - while singing and praising God in Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs. God is our "audience", and not ourselves, so we do not need entertainment or gimmicks which leads to vain worship (Mat.15:8-9; Eph. 4:14-15), but a deep reverence and yearning to please only God; and then our peace and joy will overflow. (Heb. 11:6; Eph. 3:14-21) We also encourage and edify each other while we worship and sing scriptural songs using our heart, mind, soul and strength. (1Cor. 14:26) The unbeliever is taught by the words we sing, and by our attitude and example of unity and love. Adding instruments and such like is the same as adding peanut butter to the Lord's supper, and yes, the same arguments do apply - ok, enough of the sermon.

I hope to become THE lauching pad for new songs. I want to have 100 or more good songs 20 years from now or less. See the link about
submitting YOUR songs or poems for analysis, and maybe even to be included in the next book.

As I find good family-friendly and moral songs in other styles I will write and promote them also, but my main long term aim is new songs for congregational singing.

My Song Criteria: for worship songs for congregational singing,
1. It must bring Praise to God, and Encouragement to all... see scriptures above. HE is the primary audience, we are 2nd, teaching visitors is 3rd. If this is not the order, strange things develop.
2. It must be Scriptural in content and idea... no false teachings.
3. Must have a good, stand-alone Melody... so anyone can sing it anywhere.
4. Music must match the mood and tone of the Words... joyous, solemn, awe, etc.
5. Parts must be fairly easy to hear and sing... little need for 'practice'.
6. Written in a singable key... no super voices needed.
7. Chords must sound good with a male lead (octave lower than soprano)... since it's typical.
8. Chords and progressions must be singable... just because you can press 9 keys on a piano, doesn't mean people can sing them!
9. Must sound good withOUT a tenor (but better with)... as many congregations have none.
10. It must be equal to or better than the songs already available... quality over quantity.

I hope that this gives you some insight into my goals and may help you understand why I wrote some songs the way I did.

My Background:
I have been involved with music since the crib. I have played the piano, the trumpet in band and jazz band, led singing since the age of 12. I wrote "Christ is My Savior" with a sister in 1978 (c1980) and a few piano/voice pieces and then "A Joyful Noise" in 1980. I was a member of the David Lipscomb band & jazz band '81, and A Cappella Chorus 1981-85, I even have the master and digital re-mastered recordings of Acappella's Spring Concerts '82-'85. We performed at the World's Fair (Knoxville 82) and we traveled 7 European countries for 3 weeks with conductor Robert Shaw of the Atlanta Symphony Chorale, performing Beethoven's Missa Solemnis as a part of a mass choir. I have led singing for congregations ranging from 12 to 1200 in attendance.

I also custom build speakers, understand auditorium acoustics, have some knowledge of psycho-acoustics, and have reworked many a sound system. I understand electronics, sampling, recording and have done it all with the minimum of equipment. I majored in Physics (minor in MIS) and even took N.T. Greek as my foreign language. Whew! . .
My "other job" is currently in computer and large-format printer/copier support.
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