Copyright Notice and Song Usage
Springer Music, Memphis, TN -- updated 4-26-2001 -

Without Permission, the copyright law prohibits the reproduction of any copyrighted material by any method, including projection, and applies to both words and music of printed or recorded or electronic works. (Penalties can be up to 5 years in prison, and/or $100,000 fine.)

I hope that all of the world will sing this music, and I want to make that as easy as possible. Listed below are some guidelines to help understand various situations and the exceptions that I grant now. (I trust that Christians would not knowingly violate the law.)

If it is a "for profit" copy (book or audio sales) you must obtain a license.
If it is a performance, you must obtain a performance license. ASCAP
If it is to make copies of print or audio or electronic media that is not for "backup" purposes, you must obtain a mechanical license.
If it is to be broadcast via TV, radio, internet, etc. you must obtain a license from ASCAP (or use normal log), or permission from myself.
You may not transfer from one media to another without permission, and
You may not translate into other languages without written permission.

Without permission to do so, No copy may be altered in any way and must be copied in its entirety, including scripture references and copyright notice (except, if you have permissions to print the words only).

+ If you are a church, and have obtained a CCLI license (Christian Copyright Licensing International), please read your agreement for further details. [also, check on volume pricing of the entire book]
+ If you are a church, you may record these songs for shut-ins (etc.) if it is a part of the worship service, but not for sale or profit.

+ If you are a church school group, or a private Christian school, you may copy a song in the book for rehearsal, but not for publication (without permission) nor the entire book. [check on volume pricing]
+ School performances do not need a license, but recordings of such cannot be sold without a mechanical license or written permission.

+ Purchasing the PowerPoint CD, does not give license to copy and distribute nor to project without a CCLI license or a performance license. [projecting for worship is ok]
+ Purchasing this book or audio recording or electronic, does not give permission to copy except for "backup" purposes.

++ You may sing any of these songs from memory anytime without purchasing any materials.
I hope you will.

Thank you, Paul Springer

Here are the ways to Contact Me to accomplish any of the above.
A copy of this is also in the back of the song book.