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Yes, there is a type-o in the book, same one twice. See if you can find it.

-Vol.1: The Singers -
I want to especially thank those that made this recording possible with their time and talent:
Soprano - Kerry Cancienne, Arlene Favazza, Jason Azbell (lead)
Altos - Nikki Azbell***, Nikke Shilling, Karen Summers**
Tenor - Art Cancienne
Bass - Alex Favazza*, Bruce Klemm, Paul Springer; (* =songs 1-9; ** =songs 11-15; ***=songs 10-20)
- - Hear samples of us singing on the V1 samples page

Q: How did I make such a great 1 hour recording in only 4- 2hr sessions in the back of an auditorium, with 8-9 singers, 2 $40 mics, 1 recorder and even singing myself?
A: I'm not going to tell here, but if you email me, I'll reveal some secrets. (hint: less is more.)

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