How to Order:
I'm glad you have decided to order. Follow these steps for hassle free ordering and your order will arrive soon.

1. Use one of these forms. (Save it or open it from your browser.)
Individuals: Adobe Acrobat OrderFormV1.pdf or, Congregations: Adobe Acrobat CongregationOrder.pdf

** You may notice volume orders get a discount. For congregations that order multiple units,
your 'volume discount' will be given in Additional books, cassettes, and CDs, for your church library based on what you ordered.

For questions or quotes on large volume orders or for non-U.S. orders,
Email: and I will give you the details.

2. Fill in the blanks on the form with quantity of each item, etc.
Shipping Rates: now only $3 any size order
Priority Mail (2-3 days) or Overnight: (email or call first) actual cost plus $2 (starts at $3.80 +2= 5.80)
Insurance rates: (up to you) see for latest rates.

3. Include a check or money order (or cash, but we do not encourage it) in U.S. funds, for the full amount.
FL residents must also include 6.0% sales tax (unless you are exempt, then send the form or church name).
Check your math. Please, include your phone number and email address.

4. Mail it to Paul Springer, Springer Music, 4832 La Casa Cir., Pace, FL 32571-5505

5. Wait patiently. From the time you mail the letter until you receive your order will be about 1-3 weeks. Please, email me when you send your letter and I can pre-pack it.
Note: If you want a rush order, call or email me and we might be able to cross ship or get it there even overnight... but it shipping will cost more.

6. When you receive your order, make sure it is complete and not damaged. If there is a problem, call or email me.

7. Then, tell your friends, congregation, relatives, local retailers, non-profit groups, etc. about these Songs for Worship and Edification. Thanks.

OR, go to your Christian music Retailer, and if they don't have it, ask them to carry it. Give them the web site URL and then Email me and tell me that you asked them.

1. Do you take credit cards?
Not yet. I only have 5 basic products and there are huge setup fees and it simply costs too much. For credit card orders, order from retailers . The banks also don't allow "email credit card orders" because it is not secure. If you would like to order by credit card, email me and let me know. I can then see if there is enough interest.

2. I can't open the order forms.
Well, depending on your browser and programs loaded on your computer, you may double-click them, right-click and save-as them, or maybe you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).
If you still can't open/read them, email or call me with your mailing address and I'll snail-mail them to you.

3. What if I don't like it?
It's hard for me to believe that someone wouldn't like it, especially if they have listened to the samples on this site, but you can get a refund on the merchandise (not shipping) within 30 days, if it is in 'like-new' condition.

4. Do I get a 'finders fee' for referrals?
If it is for a large volume order (ie., congregational, fundraiser, retail) you will get something. The bigger the order, the more free merchandise you would receive, and maybe even cash!