Submit YOUR songs and poems:

I am not currently ready to accept songs or poems. I still need to write the guidelines and disclaimers etc.

OK!!!! I'm slow in writing the guidelines, but here is the BIG one.
Your song must be a good poem, you know, with meter, rhyme, even the same number
of syllables on parallel lines would be nice. When it is not, you must WORK,
and REVISE the poem to MAKE it fit. (there are exceptions but get it close.)
You should be able to sing the exact same melody to the first line of each stanza
and if you must change the rhythm, number of syllables, etc. then it is not ready.
Then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, chorus, etc.

A sermon lasts 30 mins. a song lasts 3 (ave.) minutes. It must be compact and precise.

TIP 2: see if there are any songs already much better saying what you are trying to say.
TIP 3: who is your audience? Not all poems or songs are for worship.
Fanny J. Crosby wrote about 8,000 poems and how many are songs in your book? You get the idea.

God bless your efforts,